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Ice Safety

Ice Picks

Easily accessible around your neck.

Helmet and Goggles

Not only protects your head, eyes, and face, but also provides a barrier against the wind and cold.

Throw Rope

Ensure there is an ice-screw attached to the rope in case of emergency.

Signaling Device

Any "loud" signaling device like a whistle, flair, or horn should be in your boat.


Iceboating is an activity with inherent risk and no ice is ever 100% safe. West Michigan Ice Yacht Club may provide general ice condition information but does not warrant or imply the ice is suitable for any activity. The West Michigan Ice Yacht Club, its officers, members, and volunteers take no responsibility in each individual’s decision to participate in iceboating or to venture onto the ice. Each individual is responsible for evaluating the ice, the existence of any hazards and determining if the ice is safe to participate in iceboating. The ultimate decision of whether or not to venture onto the ice rests solely with each individual. Acknowledging that iceboating has inherent risk and considering the present ice and wind conditions, each individual must determine if he/she has adequate requisite skills, ability and proper equipment to take part in iceboating without endangering his/herself or others, Each individual must continuously monitor all conditions and make his/her decision accordingly.

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